Why Use KCG

Have you ever taken on your own building project, like a conservatory or house extension, or are you a small builder competing against larger companies?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you know how important it is to have reliable suppliers for your building materials. You don’t want to be left standing with an empty wheelbarrow when your order for ready mixed concrete fails to, materialise, for example.

The problem with selecting your suppliers through the trade magazines and Yellow Pages is that you often end up phoning a central location 100 miles from where you live. The staff there have no local knowledge and are more likely to make mistakes when planning routes and delivery times leaving you fuming at the other end of a telephone.

There is also the chance that in a huge industry that sells 30,000,000 cubic metres of concrete a year, your order for two or three cubic metres may receive less priority than a much bigger order from a huge national company.

We treat all our customers as equals and as we only deliver locally within the surrounding counties, you be be rest assured of receiving your product on-time, every time!